Wagashi, but not edible! -CHAEN-

wagashi box, not edible:-)
Can you see the picture?

It is a box of assorted Wagashi (Japanese traditional confection)!
Looks good, doesn’t it?

Wagashi is usually a good company with tea. Yes, usually…but not this one:-). They are not edible, they are “felt- wagashi” made by a Japanese tea shop “Chayen” owner.

Surprisingly, he just started making felting handicrafts all of sudden a few months ago and has made a lot of stuff already (including animals too!). Good news is that the felts draw more customers, especially kids, to his shop. Remember, this is a tea shop. They serve “real eatable wagashi "with tea, too! Whatever the reasons may be, kids who usually don’t drink tea a lot could come to like tea. Which is good!

felt animals made by the owner. So cute!

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