Tea Club at an Elementary School

Did you belong to any club activities at school when you were a child? Basketball club? Baseball? Or Brasband??

Recently, “Black tea club” has set up at an elementary school in Tochigi prefecture. I know students can join Sado club (Traditional Japanese tea ceremony club), but I had never heard of “black tea club”. It must be the first one in Japan.

photo by T
Tochigi prefecture is now nation’s number one consumer of black tea. So, the municipality might want to boost its popularity further. The students who join the club are supposed to learn basic knowledge about black tea, how to make good tea and how to serve tea. Also they are plannning to make their own original blended tea, and hold a tea party.

The school hopes the students will learn not only tea, but the spirit of hospitality throughout the club. It could be a good way to cultivate a wide range of sensibilities.