The Day of Black Tea

In Japan, there is a day called “ kocha-no-hi”, which means “ the day of black tea”, set by Japan Tea Association in 1983 to boost the consumption of the tea.
When is it?
It’s November 1st, which mark the very first day that Japanese ever had “black tea”. The luckiest person was a Japanese castaway, named Daikokuya Kōdayū. In 1783, his ship drifted on the way to Japan, but managed to escape to the Russian mainland. People there saved his life and he stayed for a while. Eventually, he had Catherine the Great allow them to go back to Japan. During his stay, he was invited to her tea party, and had a cup of tea. This is why November 1st was chosen as “the day of black tea” in Japan.
I’m curious what he thought about his first taste of black tea.
Daikokuya Kodayu frm web