Taste is in the mouth of the drinker

I almost always find difficulties in describing the taste of tea. 

That happened again very recently when I had green tea made by “Yamakai” cultivar. The nickname of “Yamakai”is “natural Gyokuro” due to the rich taste. Some say this is herby. When brewed strong, it is also said that it has a melon notes.

Since the cultivar is very rare, it was only the second time for me to try this. When I tried it for the first time, I thought “I would describe something different rather than melon…..the taste is familiar, but I cannot remember what it is.”

This time, I was not sure what it was at the beginning again. Very distinctive, very rich and mild. But not really melon to me……what is it!!??

I found it!! It is mayonnaise!! I felt a hint of mayonnaise at the back of my tongue!

Maybe it doesn’t sound appetizing, but believe me, it has rich, mild and distinctive mayo-ish flavor. Believe it or not,  I was not the only one who said that. Other tea people felt a good mayo:-)

Some says melon-ish, others say mayo-ish, and still others say herby....

"Taste is in the mouth of the tea drinker." :-)