Yumefuki Wakocha from Kagoshima

Wakocha known as "Yumefuki" from Tanaka family in Kagoshima. Benifuki cultivar. This tea is introduced in a book "TEA COMPANION" by Jane Pettigrew. She described it as surprisingly punchy with a sweet spiciness and warm tones of sun-warmed wood.

Beautiful color, and flowery aroma. Nice and good astringency makes the tea tea. I can say this is one of my favorites.

The Tanaka family grows, produce and sell the tea and runs their own tea room both in Kagoshima and Osaka. They serve sweets and lunch together with tea!

Tea room in Kagoshima:  http://www.satsuma-eikokukan.jp/

Tea room in Osaka  http://www.satsuma-eikokukan.jp/bunroku/bunroku_b.html