"Kaishi" Pocket Paper

I found kaishi with casual patterns. One is designed “iron kettles”, the other is “pairs of tea bowl and tea whisk”.

Kaishi, “pocket paper”, is made of Japanese traditional paper called washi. It is often used as a paper plate on which sweets are placed at the tea ceremony. When in kimono, kaishi is tucked inside the front of one’s kimono.

Other than tea ceremony, kaishi is good to use at home, too. It is smaller than regular paper napkin, but very useful. How about serving some cookies, chocolates or even tempra on kaishi ? What about using it as a coaster? Kaishi is not only an article of practical use but can be a pretty item of conversation at party.

In addition, Japanese poems used to be written on it in old days, so you can use it as a memo pad, too.

How would you use kaishi?