"Soothing Drink"

Tea is a "soothing drink" for Japanese.

But now, how many people can drink tea in the devastated areas where they are short of water, electricity and other necessities?

Japanese tea is well-known for a wealth of benefits.  For examples…..

To prevent tooth decay
To prevent food poisoning
To prevent cold and weaken influenza viruses
To improve immunity and help you recover from fatigue…… to name a few.

Tea would help people survive at evacuation sites with awfully bad condition, if they could drink.

In addition, people will be warmed up by not only drinking, but "holding" tea. Unlike teacups for black tea, Japanese one called yunomi doesn't have a handle. So, you feel warmth directly from the yunomi by cupping it in your both hands. Also, healing effect, brought from L-Theanine in Japanese tea, is another important benefit.

Tea is good for people both physically and mentally.
Undoubtedly, tea is now needed.