Sakura Cha

sakura cha
Japanese “pet topic” of this season is usually sakura, cherry blossoms. People often talk about delightfully.

“When will sakura come into full bloom around our area?” “Where shall we go to see sakura?”

Of course, this year is an exception.

Sakura is virtually one of the national flowers in Japan. Since all of us love and feel overexcited to see the flower, only seeing it is not enough. Cherry blossoms and leaves are pickled, and both are used as food ingredients to give a fragrance.

The picture (above) is sakura cha, tea (or hot water) simply poured over the pickled sakura in a teacup. Other than spring, the tea is often drunk at festive events like weddings, too.

Pickled sakura is also mixed with other foods including rice, sweets or bread. Its pleasant subtle flavor and aroma always enhances our appetites and spirits.

Sakura pleases not only to the eye, but to the palate and the heart. Since the olden times, the flower has been comforting us and lifting our spirits in pain and in pleasure. Hope sakura, which is dear to us, will bloom beautifully throughout Japan.