We won't give up.

The epicenter is far from where I live, Osaka.

I am lost for words when I see the images of the Tohoku area hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami. But, I know only grieving won’t help the sufferers and go anywhere.

There was a great earthquake of magnitude 7.3 in Kobe in 1995, killing more than 6,500 people. Being in Kobe then, I lived at the evacuation site and walked around in the wreckage and rubbles.

Aftershocks, nuclear power plants, tsunami, and electric power crisis……. this time, there is a lot more concern to tackle with,  and will be a longer way ahead to recover the whole country. But we will surely overcome it.

Thank you all for your concern. And please keep saying prayers for the sufferers.

People in Tohoku are strong. They have unbending spirits.
Gambare, Tohoku! Don’t give up!!

Let me talk about one more about tea. Usually, I prefer loose tea to teabags and PET bottles. But, I will say PET bottles are great. People can drink in order to protect their health and quench their thirsts even if there is no water and electricity supplies. PET bottled drinks including water and tea play significant roles as relief goods at the devastating areas.